My mother is 89 and wears a diaper. Can't walk since she broke her hip. Any suggestions for keeping her bottom from being red and sore?


She is in bed a lot, because she doesn't walk. I am having trouble with keeping her butt from being red and sore. Does anybody have any suggestions ?

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I've heard Baza is good, but your pharmacy may need to order it (or you can order it by mail). That's what our doc recommended when Dad got sores.
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when did she break her hip ? did she have surgery? and was she able to walk before the break?
does she have other medical conditions?
I only ask because I am wondering if you were told she would never walk again. and was thinking maybe that could be part of the solution was to start being mobile again :(

im sorry you are having to deal with the after effects of a broken hip.
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irishrosemel Jul 23, 2018
Mom broke her hip on March 13,2018 and was operated on March 15,2018. On April 13,2018 she went to the hospital for her gallbladder. Had a drain put in to her gallbladder until May 30,2018. She walked before she fell. My mom has COPD and osteoporosis. And she is 89 years old.
I have the same issues with my husband. He is completely bedridden and spends all his time on his back. He is incontinent and ideally would need to be changed every 4-5 hours or so, But diapers are expensive and not covered under Medicare. Like you, I do the best I can. A bath aide for us didn’t work out. I can bed-bathe my husband just as well, and one time after the aide left, hubby had a BM and I had to do it all over myself anyway. Because of his “waterfall” or “fire-hydrant” way of urinating, I need to wash him down every day at least once.

Others on this site have suggested different sorts of mattresses that combat bed sores. One is an air mattress that inflates and deflates at different points in the mattress. There’s also one called an “egg carton” mattress that sure doesn’t look comfortable but I guess it works. Always check with Medicare to see if a doctor’s order will cover the purchases and make sure the medical equipment company accepts assignment from Medicare so you don’t get stuck paying the difference. Been there.

I use “barrier creams” of every kind and concoction on hubby. They say “barrier cream” on the tube. My favorites are Pinkxav, which is a diaper rash ointment, and the Well (Walgreens) brand of barrier cream. Hubby gets a raging urine rash that I can’t prevent but do try to keep it under control.
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I have nurse that comes out and checks on her 2 days a week. A Home Health Care lady comes out 2 days to clean her. Most of the time I am the one taking care of her. I keep changing her position with a wedge every couple of hours. I do everything I can to get her out of bed and keep her dry. I have never done this before except when my kids were babies.
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Get her out of bed as much as possible, she may be eligible for a tilt in place wheelchair in which she can comfortably spend hours at a time.
Be sure to reposition her often when she is in bed so she isn't always lying on the same spot, a pressure relieving mattress and hospital bed can help you avoid pressure sores.
Keep her clean and dry, there are many products to help you accomplish this: disposable wash cloths or baby wipes, perineal washes and barrier creams such as you would use on infants - everybody has their favourites.

Do you have help coming into the home?
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