My mother-in-law receives her husband's pension, and cannot receive Medicaid/social security because of it. It is more than what she would receive from social security, but not nearly enough to pay for assisted living. She has lived in an apartment for the last 45 years and has no assets and very little savings. We don't know where to begin.

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Did FIL work for the government? Did she work and if so for 10 yrs or more. Did FIL work any jobs for 10 yrs or more and pay into SS? If so to either or both, she is entitled to SS. Do you mean Medicare? Medicaid is a state thing. If no Medicare/Medicaid what type of insurance does she have?

ALs are usually private pay and run, on average, 5k or more a month. In NJ, you have to private pay for at least 2 yrs before Medicaid will pay. Your other option is to find a very nice NH and apply for Medicaid in ur state to help cover the cost.
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Has she actually applied for Medicaid assistance and been denied? Nebraska has a special waiver for aged and disabled people that pays for assisted living. While she may not qualify for the Medicaid health insurance, she can still qualify for other Medicaid programs. She may have to do a spend down.
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