One minute she is in a different world from alert and remembering things to blank. 6 years ago dr said she was late stage Alzheimer’s. Took her back to Dr two years ago after a 6 month stretch where she lost all ability to walk when we put her in a nursing home for respite for a couple of weeks. Then after 3 months, she walks fine. Now she talks all day how people in her family have hurt and hit her and she is calling the police to have them arrested. This is repeated most of her waking hours. She is mobile and can feed herself only if told every step of the way. We are now afraid to put her back in a facility for how convincing she sounds and could cause us trouble. Her memory is sharp with details if you don’t know everything to debunk it. If you listen long enough you can figure she is crazy. We have been caring for her 24/7 for over 10 years and burnt out. What to do? Doesn’t seem like Alzheimer’s...

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Is she open to being assessed? Given the paraboia that you describe, she might not be, but a nueropychological exam with a neuropsychologist will be able to assess her strengths and weaknesses, and render a clearer diagnosis. You'll need another professional to read the report, do their own exam and concur for the decision to be official. At that point, you might want to request hospice care to give assistance to her with or without or admitting her to a facility.
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Find a different doctor.

I am so sorry you are going through this, you may have to place her and give the admissions office the heads up that you will be accused of the most horrendous crimes. Hiding from it will not help, they know that this behavior happens and unless there is clear evidence it is taken as babble from an angry individual who is slaying the awful beasts who put them in a home.

10 years is a long time and you could not have hid all the bruises for that long, so don't worry about what she will say, do what you need to do. She needs professional care and it sounds like you need your life back.
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Thank you She was checked by neurologist 6 years ago. He thought she was in late stage Alzheimer’s.

Took her back to him Two years ago and after testing her he was dumbfounded she did not change but seemed better and not late stage. Had her go to have a CT scan but kept freaking out in the machine so couldn’t get a good scan.

Dr was very confused and could not explain it. This was not able to explain the not being able to walk period. So bizarre. She can also place herself into a catatonic state at will when she is confronted with something she does not like or is something from her past she is uncomfortable with. If you talk about our children around her about doing something with them she starts this uncomfortable shaking
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Has she seen a neurologist for testing? Everything you have described is a person suffering from ALZ or some form of Dementia. For your sanity get her checked out. Once u have the diagnosis, place her in LTC because she will only get worse.

Have her checked for a UTI.
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