My mother in law keeps calling the doctor, her hairdresser, the grocery store. How do I get her to stop without taking away the phone?

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My mil talks about making calls but can't actually do it so if there is a call to be made I dial the phone for her, get the person on the phone, and then give her the phone. That was months ago, when she wanted to talk to her boy friend. When she was living on her own, she would not answer her phone or make calls.
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I just did a google search for alzheimers telephone. there is a phone that: calls can come in - but you cant dial out. I know that might cause more problems. but its a dial-less phone. not sure if you are talking about a land line or cel phone.?
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Jill, you may need to pull the phone. Are the numbers of these people on a contact list? How does she remember them all? How does she dial? Does she call wrong numbers as well? Or maybe call random people all night? My mom had Sundowning and called me at 3AM.

Take the phone and offer to make calls for her. Then, of course “fake dial” and say the line is busy or there’s no answer. Give her an unconnected phone. Chances are depending on her stage, she won’t realize there’s no one at the other end anyway. They also make very realistic looking children’s phones.

I know it’s not easy to remove this last vestige of independence. But you may begin receiving polite and well-meaning calls from the people she calls asking that she not call them.
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