My mother in law has been living with us for 5 yrs and me and her son bought a house a yr ago. She's been disabled for over 3 months but just passed suddenly. She received social secruity and we have 3 kids, me, my husband, and my brother and I'm a waitress. Long story short my mother in law paid half the mortgage and helped pay for groceries because I pay all the bills besides the mortgage and car note. My question is, she just got her money on this past Wednesday and so her son and I needed help paying for her funeral arrangements. The funeral isn't until next week and we needed help paying the mortgage so will we get in trouble for using some of her money because we dont make enough without having to do that?

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With SS you are paid like when you had a job. So what you get in September is August money. So u should be OK for this month. But because she died in September, she will not recieve anything in Oct. To be on the safe side, I wouldn't touch what she just got though, because SS has made mistakes and pulled back the money they shouldn't have.

Does Mom have any savings? Is your husband on her accts? Is he Executor? Because POA stops at the persons death. Insurance? You may have to ask the funeral director if he can wait for payment until you can get to the money. If no money, you may have to pay the funeral bill.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

If you are talking about SS, you should ask the SSA, if you take the money after she has passed and the SSA wants their money back you have just pushed your financial situation down the road.

Not trying to be rude but if there is no money for a funeral, have you thought about cremation?

You can still have a memorial service and honor her without the expense of a burial.

I am sure that she would understand the hardship of not paying your bills promptly and you making this hard choice.

I say leave the money alone until SSA says its actually hers to keep.
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SS May very well expect that money back depending on the date she died. If you haven’t notified SS of her death, you should do so immediately. Also, unless you or your husband are a co-owner of her account, you cannot withdraw money from her account. You need to make arrangements to pay your own bills. The bank like SS needs to be notified of her death.
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Where I am the pension money is still allowed for a couple of weeks. Can you phone up to find out the situation where you are? If she is overpaid and you fix it up fairly promptly, the worst result is probably that you will have to pay it back again, so keep enough available just in case that happens.

Does her money go into her bank account or to yours? If it is into her bank account in her name, the bank will probably not allow any withdrawals as soon as they know she has died. Some banks will allow money for the funeral bill, but others don't. If you are very short for cash, it may be sensible not to tell them about her death immediately.
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