She is on a fixed income. She has a guy staying at her house he uses the fact that she has problems and has her write checks to him. She is not local. She lives in Midland TX we live in Bastrop TX 5hr away. We are afraid for her safety and her finances. The wife has power of attorney but we don't know what to do. Please help us we live paycheck to paycheck but need help

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This man is taking advantage of someone with diminished capacity and he can be arrested and prosecuted for it. It’s also a form of elder abuse. If you know he’s done it before, get names and notify the authorities. Make the drive to her house and throw him out. Threaten to call Adult Protective Services if he doesn’t go away. Stay for a few days to make sure he doesn’t come back. If you’re afraid he will harm your mother, tell the authorities about that as well.
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Form the looks of the house no I don't think so if he is it is costing way too much
We want to get her here at our house but how do we convince her to move
Someone has her thinking that a hamburger for 3 cost 200.00
There has been talk that he has done this in the past with other widows
I guess we need a lawyer that deals with this mess. {that we cant afford}
I don't want her to be broke and I don't want her to be harmed when we start the procedures.
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Madashell, time for the Power of Attorneys to step in. Your wife needs to take over the bill paying and to give Mom-in-law an allowance so that she can still purchase groceries, etc. Or find an on-line grocery service that does home delivery and the groceries are already paid for in advance using your mother-in-laws credit card.

That way Mom-in-law has no checks in the house, and little cash on her. Who is the guy staying at her house? Is he helping her around the house? I doubt he is paying for his keep if he keeps asking for money.

Might be time to move Mom-in-law to an Independent Living complex that also offers Memory Care, depending on if Mom-in-law can budget for the money rent. On average the rent is around $5k per month unless added options are needed.
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