She has recovered physically, but her memory and processing skills have not. She is very unhappy with me as I am the one who lives near her and takes care of her needs. She refuses to take the testing recommended to ensure she is capable.

Giving up driving is a neon sign that we’re getting old and are somehow impaired. It’s a slap in the face and a punch to the gut. But...

She cannot drive. Driving is difficult enough when you’re in total control of your faculties. Consider how you would feel should Mom cause an accident and seriously injure someone or worse. Explain to her that you are taking the keys (all sets) and that she will get them back when she takes the test if they deem her ok to drive. You can also disable the car so it won’t start. You can be just as stubborn and unreasonable as your mother about this. If she throws a tantrum, so be it. You may just be saving someone’s life.
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