Its been going on for a while 6-9 months. I was informed over a year ago my mother was severe. I worry often wondering if she is going to lose her voice. The thought of my mom losing her voice unable to communicate concerns me.

My Husband stopped talking but his voice did not become soft before he stopped talking.
You mention Alzheimer’s/ dementia but the softening of the voice is classic for Parkinson’s has she been properly diagnosed or was Alzheimer’s an easy diagnosis for the doctor? With Parkinson’s it is doubly important to get an accurate diagnosis.
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Beeshepard Jun 23, 2021
My mom has a Primary care doctor and a neurologist. She goes to the doctor next Monday, I will ask them about the Parkinson's . I really appreciate your comment. It would be nice to have an accurate diagnosis on my mom. Thanks again. :-)
That is also a sign of Parkerson's.
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Everyone's journey with Alzheimer's/dementia is different. Some people with dementia do lose their ability to speak.
There is no sense in you worrying about something you have no control over, and something that might not even happen. Instead just enjoy whatever time you have left with your mom, and try and make the best of whatever the future holds. God bless you.
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