Has been to the doctor today, she is very fail and in pain most of the time. She has got CKD. The doctors said that it's just old age. Would be nice if she could go into a hospice at this time in her life but don't feel that it will happen. I don't seem to get any help, they just say what do you expect from a lady of 94?

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There is no reason this woman should be in pain. Call Hospice and ask if they can evaluate Mom. They can get an order from her doctor. If she fits their criteria, they will make sure she is always comfortable.
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Hi Josie,
I tried to get some information from your profile but there wasn't any. I am assuming your mother lives with you.
It sounds like the doctor is not talking note of all these falls.
Ask him if he believes if she has six months or less to live. If he says yes, then she would be a candidate for hospice. If he continues to deny any problem, then I would definitely change doctors.

Is is it possible to place her in a memory care facility? They have lots of staff watching out for the patients. Please know that I'm not saying you are doing a bad job. I've had my mother fall right next to me.

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe (like broken bones and a hospital and rehab stay) to change the situation.

Of course Mom can't follow directions because of the dementia. If she's not eating well, mention that to the doc, as it's a symptom of end stage Alzheimer's.

There should be no reason that she wouldn't qualify for hospice. If this doc won't assist you-get another who will. There is no reason they can't help you to get hospice.

Good luck and God bless you both.
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I’d be finding another doctor. See if there are any doctors in your area who specialize in caring for Senior Citizens. Being old doesn’t mean you have to live with pain so bad you have to call 911.
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