We wake her after sleeping a lot and she refuses to wake up and if you get her up she’s like a zombie.

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As mom's disease progressed, she slept more and more. Meds can certainly have an effect. After the flu shot one year mom slept for the better part of three days.

Increased sleep is absolutely normal and is a gift to caregivers. Time for us. I was grateful when mom would sleep early. As a result a break from her sundowning behaviors that were so distressing for her and me. These were the late afternoon hours and lasted until she went to bed. Her brain was in overdrive, came up with nearly every possible tragedy to effect her family that you could possible imagine.
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Hello, my Dad has been sleeping about 18 hrs a day. This has been going on for about 3-4 months. He simply doesn't want to wake up. The first week it happened, we couldn't wake him up at all for a week. I was terrified. I thought that it was the end. He was better for three weeks (I knew that it was the beginning of something new) then another week of sleeping like "Sleeping Beauty". He was normal for a couple of weeks but now, it's just mostly sleep.

We have him at home and try to get him out of bed 2-3 days a week and put him in his recliner to get him off his back. He's dead weight. He'll stay awake for 3-4 hrs in that chair then back to sleep he'll go. He seems more tired the next day.

He hates it when we have to change his pull up or change the bedding. He doesn't want to be disturbed.

Sometimes he refusing food and drink during this time but we push him to eat and drink when he's awake.

It's tough to see him like this. He'll be 92 next month.

He has lost weight even though we do the best we can with keeping him nourished.

My son who studied dementia/Alz in college says it happens closer to the later stages.

My Dad's b/p has dropped the last two weeks. We will b putting him on oxygen tomorrow.

The will to live is great. Not sure how much time we have with him.

Our journey may b different but the outcome will b the same. Be Strong my friend! Blessings!
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Deemom154 Sep 14, 2019
Thank you! Blessings to you❤️
You don’t say how old she is, but there comes a point when those who suffer with dementia are better off asleep than awake. Keep in mind that dementia has caused brain damage and the parts of the brain that regulate sleep time and awake time are no longer working. (That’s why so many posters here are seeing “sundowning” or mixing up days and nights). About a week before my mother passed, I went to see her and three of us couldn’t wake her up. If you are very concerned and upset, check with her doctor. It could be a new medication she’s on or a lack of a certain vitamin or mineral.
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