Mother paid weekly around 200-300 possibly, died on a day of pay only to our findings £8 was all in her bank account? Mother was terminal cancer and confused, why no money all time? How to solve this? Power of attorney doesn't want sibling to be in trouble. Rest of us want answers, how do we deal with it?
A lot has been taken over past year and accused bad so called would desperate prove that certain sibling lied, mislead, abused trust of mother.
I'm sibling struggling with mental health and need solution asap. Could Advise me if possible

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Who is the executor of her will? That is the person who is charged with sorting all the financials out.

if POA will not cooperate, a pointed letter from an attorney usually solves that. Remember, like country just said..POA ends at death.
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So, you think your youngest sibling, who had access to mobile banking, emptied your mother's bank account - is that it?

You also want an account of how your mother's money was handled in the time before her death.

Who had Power of Attorney? That person's POA is no longer in force now (POA automatically ends on the death of the person you act for), but I'm afraid that that person is responsible for how your mother's finances were handled while she was alive. And if the person with POA did not keep her bank account secure... that's not good.

I'm very sorry for your loss of your mother. If there is a silver lining, it's that whatever happened to her money she is now beyond that worry. Are you or is anyone in the family now in difficulties because the money seems to be missing?
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You need to consult with an attorney.
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