My brother gets about $600/month in social security. I need advice on what services or people can help him in the Baltimore area. He can't afford to stay in the house and we will most likely have to give it back to the bank. I live in Chicago and can do very little other than make phone calls or write emails. Please give me advice on how my brother can be helped. Thank you, Janet

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In NJ, there are Senior apts that will take disabled if under 62. If he is 62 he has a better chance getting in. They are HUDD run. They go by scale so 30% of 600=180. Electric is a flat rate of $58. Comcast gives a discount on WiFi for low income of $10. He can get help with other utilities. Food stamps, government food bank. Bus pass for disabled. His local Office of Aging and Medicaid may be able to help. I think it may be hard to evict a disabled person. My neighbors werevin foreclosure 9/15 finally evicted 7/17.
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Dear Janet,

My deepest sympathies and condolences. I am very sorry for your loss. I know this is an extremely difficult time.

For your brother, I'm sure living with your mom and seeing her everyday this loss hits particularly hard. I don't know if you can give him more time to grieve and possibly find a way to stay in the house longer.

Hopefully you can talk to a social worker or the family doctor to find the right resources in the community for your brother. He might benefit from grief counselling or joining a support group as well.
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I’m sorry for the loss of your mom. I know you and your brother are dealing with a lot. My sincere condolences.

Call the Area Agency on Aging in the county brother lives in and ask for advice.

I assume your brother has Medicaid and is eligible for food stamps and/or meals on wheels.
There are probably places he can register for housing. I think the Area Agency on Aging can guide him or you. Sometimes they can help him get therapy. ( my husbands cousin found s nice place through his therapist).

There are people who have group homes. They basically take his check and let him have a space. They are some pretty rough places I have heard. He’s in a vulnerable situation. Especially as he has lived at home with your mom all this time.

Many in his situation become homeless. Since he receives SS disability I assume he is disabled in some manner.

Have you met with a realtor about the home?
Remember that he can lose his income if he comes into too much money. You need to familiarize yourself with his ssi and Medicaid rules. You might discuss a POA with him as well.

He is also vulnerable to the underbelly of society. They will take his money offering a room to rent and then kick him out.

You might want to check services in his area and in yours. One might be better than the other. Not all the states are the same.

Hopefully someone will have more promising information.
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