My mother (87) has dementia, in a wheelchair for over a year, and on hospice. 3 days ago broke her femur. Should we try to have surgery?

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When you say your mother is on hospice, does she have any medical conditions other than dementia?

We are amateurs and you should be taking professional advice on the risks and benefits of the surgery. But speaking only as an amateur, if your mother is immobilised by a fractured femur for as long as it will take to heal on its own, I wouldn't give her the best odds.

There is also the pain of a broken bone to consider. I appreciate that guiding someone with dementia through the pre-op and post-op will be extremely challenging, but then again dealing with her pain would be, too.

I'm very sorry that this has happened. Would it be out of place to ask how on earth her femur got broken? (By the way - femur, or neck-of-femur?)
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In addition to getting a medical opinion from an ortho surgeon who would perform surgery if that's the option, two other questions might be:

1. What is the reason for being wheelchair bound now, and

2. Will the surgery affect (and improve) her ability to walk, and her pain?

The other issues raised such as anesthesia, hospice are all relevant. This could be a complex issue to evaluate.
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eldeststratford, I see you mentioned that your Mom is on Hospice. Normally with Hospice surgery is usually not recommended. Hospice will use pain meds to control any discomfort.

Surgery where a patient is under for quite some time, it will definitely worsen the dementia. So that is a major risk in itself.
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What does the doctor say?
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How does the dr feel about it? Can she survive a surgery or is it time to manage the pain.?

Hugs 2 u for this tough situation you are facing.
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Yes unless she can live with the pain.
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