My mother (85) has Parkinson’s and she is on title 19 Medicaid until the 20th. She is now in a rehab because of the fall. What do we do next?


She may not be able to go home.



If I am understanding correctly, your Mom is on Medicaid (Title 19) until the 20th of June? for _______________??

Right now your Mom is in a Rehab facility because she fell and once she completes Rehab, she will not be allowed to return to her house or your house to live.

Has she been living alone or has she been living with you for the past several months? Did your Mom injure herself or break any bones when she fell? Has her ability to walk and feed herself and dress herself and toilet herself declined recently? Does she lose her balance easily or more often now? Is she at greater risk for another fall if she went home?
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Where does she live? If alone, the facility has probably determined the care she will receive at home is not sufficient to keep her safe. And it sounds obvious she cannot care for herself and needs 24/7 care.
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