it probably would have upset her if i corrected her. thanks.

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Agree with lhardebeck.
When my mother's dementia was in the earlier stages I corrected her frequently and she always became upset and argumentative. Since I realized that MY ego was the problem i learned to let most things slide unless it's a safety matter.
It's much more pleasant to have a conversation based on her imagination . . and sometimes hilarious. I always have many funny stories to tell when I get home from the nursing home.
Reality is relative. Enjoy the time you spend with her.
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you done the right thing .
pa often mention we need to go upstairs to the bathroom . well i dont have a upstairs , all one level . i just say yep we better goto the bathroom pa .
he often ask me where s ur momma at ? shes been dead 20 yrs ago . i did tell him the truth the first time that shes gone to better place , he bawled like a baby and said so im the only one left ? yes pa . it hurt me so much to watch him bawl like a baby . ive decided i wasnt going to do that anymore
that would put him in deeper depressions .
so when he asks me i just tell him i dont know pa i havent seen her . he would tell me shes suppose to go to the store and back . i said yes maybe shes on her way back . then he forget s all about it .
i just go along with what i think he would like to hear and put a smile on his face . instead of aruging and watch him go into depressions or cry .
lord knows why we tell lit white lies .
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