I've gone as far as taking the chair with us and that actually helped her to get some rest but not all hotels will be that accommodating.

Has anyone else run into this and has anyone figured out how to travel with a chair?

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This might help:

I agree maybe you could rent one - or why go to a hotel? If you rent a vacation home, they might have a recliner, and they certainly would answer the question "yes or no" if they do have one.

If the only issue she has is difficult sleep (my spouse needed to sleep in a recliner for six weeks due to shoulder surgery), I would not ban her from travel. Maybe renting a house would be a new thing for you to enjoy?

My brother rents a house near Orlando, FL, and the rates are the same as staying in a hotel, and it has a private screened in pool. It just takes a little work to find a nice house (or condo) to rent.
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It sounds like mother may not be able to travel anymore.
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If money is no object, you can rent equipment, including a recliner or power lift chair, in some areas.
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My MIL slept in her reciner because she had bad hips and the bed was uncomfortable. She started sleeping on her couch because she said the back gave her support.
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That sounds a bit extreme to have to try and bring her recliner on trips you take. Can you not leave mom with one of your siblings or other family member when you have to travel? And if for some reason you can't, I would leave the chair at home(as that is just too much trouble)and get 2 hotel rooms, one for mom and one for you. That way if she decides to stay up all night she can, and you can get the sleep you need.(and you can get them side by side, if it makes you feel better)
In your profile you say that mom is only 60 years old. That is very young for all the issues you have listed. I would just make it clear to her that if she is to continue to travel with you, then she will have to learn to sleep in a regular bed while she is away from home, as lugging a recliner along is a bit extreme.
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My mother used to sleep in her power chair at times. She suffered with Parkinson’s disease and had mobility issues. Sometimes it was the only place that she could get comfortable.

It didn’t matter where mom slept, when she was at home. I can see where it would be an issue for you while traveling. The only time that we were able to travel with my mom was for hurricane evacuations.

I don’t know if hotels would have an issue with bringing her chair along. Seems inconvenient to do so. I suppose that you could call ahead to ask them. Do hotels supply hospital beds? Would that work?

Best wishes to you and your family.
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