My Mom was recently hospitalized for a UTI, and has returned home now. She is scared of falling and confused. Any ideas? -

My Mom was recently hospitalized for a UTI, and has returned home now. She is scared of falling and confused. Any ideas?


She will not get out of bed, she was hospitalized for 5 days and she's been home for 5 days now but she is scared of falling and confused, therefore she cannot attend daycare. So now I have home Hospice coming to our home to care for her.

Does anyone have any ideas that may help to get her out of bed?



Faith, I'm a bit confused by your answer.

Did the hospital want to send her to a Nursing Home for rehab? Many nursing homes are also rehab centers.

Is your mother on Hospice at this time? I think perhaps you want to ask them to schedule some sessions of physical therapy to see if she can start walking again.
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I can tell you from working as a nurse in a hospital, we can be very firm when it comes to keeping our patients safe. One thing that is stressed immensely is keeping them from falling. She probably was told multiple times to stay in bed so she doesn't fall and more than likely had a bed alarm on. Hopefully in time, she will realize that she isn't at the hospital anymore and won't get into trouble if she tries to get out of bed.
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Before my mother got sick she was going to daycare every day ,she sick at daycare they didn’t call 911  and brought her home sick  at 5 pm.
At 9:30am when she left she was in a good mood. The daycare brought her home non responsive ,I called 911. The daycare told me two different stories about how she got sick.
The doctors would  let me take her home unless I put her on hospice care they wanted to place her in a nursing home and had plans to transfer her to a nursing had I not been in hospital with her.
because they had her drugged up ,They  don’t know how she normally is and because she is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease,they thought she could not walk.
I am disabled because of Cerebral palsy and use a walker.
I  have been looking after her since 2003. The medical staff at the hospital didn’t know that .
The doctors are from hospital that emergency rescue took mom  are the closest to our home. Our family physician is on sick  leave or vacation.
I  asked hospice for rehab because mom was walking and we did get her out this pass Friday and Saturday she is because she not eating much    They said rehab is not covered and had to be approved by the doctor and don’t think mom would benefit    I will keep trying.
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Same question as MAC - why no rehab? Was it not suggested by a doctor? Or was hospice advised by a doctor in lieu of home care and rehab?
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Why was she not sent to rehab, particularly when she stays in bed?
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I think I read that physical therapy is available for hospice patients. It might be worth a try. Ask your hospice nurse or doctor to arrange.
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Speak with the Hospice staff and share your concerns with them. Sometimes they will listen to them and not to us. When my mom was hospitalized for a UTI, she underwent a total and complete personality change. It was so concerning, the staff geriatric psychiatrist ordered screening for her and she was found not capable of living on her own.
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