The doctors performed several intense procedures on her, which her health rapidly spiraled down. I would like to professionally report the incidents, I revealed in her medical reports and in the hospital. Can someone, give me advice on what agency to start with?

Our seniors are being treated awful, and they need voices to speak for them.

It started with my mother. I don't want another person to go through what my mother experience. It was horrific. This information needs to go the people higher up in the organizations

Your support, is kindly appreciate.

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Let me first of all tell you how sorry I am for your loss

I do believe that seniors are not treated the way they should be, however, I am not sure you know what your truly asking for.

Here are some questions:
What was your mom's health condition before she went into the hospital?
Was she being treated for anything? What?
How old was she?
How much did she weight?
What medications was she taking and how offen?
What did she go to the hospital for?

I really could go on with the questions for a whole another page.
I am trying to show you that every question is a piece of a puzzle that you are trying to figure out with your emotions running the show.

I think you really want to do something, but here are your choices: 1) you could hire a lawyer to suit the hospital and Dr's. Because that will be the only way to get the attention of the hospital & Dr's. 2) Try to find people in your city that has the same cause ( losing a LO due to wrongful death) & hire a lawyer for a civil suit. 3) Start a foundation or a group with people that have had LO who were mistreated by the hospital & Dr's again (wrongful death).

You alone cannot prove "wrongful death"

Like someone posted call a lawyer if you think something went wrong.
That's what I did, however, I requested all of my dad's medical records and all tests that he had for a year, & every night I went through page by page highlighting what was important, writing questions on post its. There were so many red flags in his medical records. This took me 3 1/2 months & it was everyday. I hired a lawyer who went through my dad's records my notes, the lawyer told me I had a pretty good case, but it was complicated therefore, he refer me to someone else who was willing to fight, than I realized, my dad didn't get treatment because that is what he wanted. My dad knew for a year he had cancer and he chose to not tell anyone because he didn't want treatment. ( my emotions was running the show)
Now, your thinking your case is different & your right!

My point is: what you want to do is a very big hill to climb. Are you really ready for that?

Give yourself some time a few months to grieve.

I am sorry for your loss. May God help you to heal and find your way in Jesus' name. Amen
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Hello Everyone, my mom was 82 years old heart disease patient, the doctors preformed several intense procedure on her, which put her her is distress and weak condition. She had precious health condition. However, morally doctors a take an oath to do give professionally and honest results. After reviewing her progress medical reports. It reveals that there are conflicting information, and a series of procedure was performed. TAcy022 this not about denial, this is about doctors abusing seniors and medicare insurance. It's been happening for a long time. Unfortunately, it gets no voice in todays world. Thank you all for your feed back,
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tacy022 Nov 1, 2018
At 82 and a heart patient, who gave permission for the procedures to take place? The patient or family?

Honestly, I am one of the few that doesnt believe in extending a life but if decisions are made, why report and sue?
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mother and the distress of feeling she was mistreated.  As Tacy022 just said, emotions run high when a loved one is ill and to guide you, we need more information.

I don't agree that our seniors are being treated awful - this may be true in the case of your Mother, but thankfully, I've found the opposite with my own parents.

I pray you find answers - but more importantly, I pray your grief gives way to peace.
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Have you talked to an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice about your concerns?  Because that is what "poor healthcare services" are called when they apply to hospitals and doctors.
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tacy022 Nov 1, 2018
Sorry marked as helpful but it is not.

Seriously, contacting a lawyer is not always an answer. Lawsuits jack up insurance costs when not necessary. Your supposed to be a nurse and a little more responsible no wonder others called you out.
When people pass away, loved ones are at times in denial and want to blame someone or something rather than just accepting a situation. What happened for you to decide that it is abuse?
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