My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease recently and has hit the aggressive, delusional stage with frequent falls. Her assisted living facility wants her to go to memory care, saying she is making unwise choices. Mom does not want to go and does not know her diagnosis. Do we tell her? She seems alert, which makes it tough to not heed her wishes. Also, can they force her to go to the memory unit?

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Thank you for all responses, it helped a lot. She went willingly but is now angry at me and my 99 year old father saying we are responsible for killing her .🙁
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Leep, I was able to get my Dad to move within the senior facility from Independent Living to the next building which was Assisting Living, to which one floor was for Memory Care.

I used a therapeutic fib to tell him that by moving there it would be less expensive... knowing that Dad loved to save money he was all for it :) [actually it did cost him more, but he didn't know that].

Dad's only concern was would he still have the same chef preparing the meals, as he really enjoyed the food. Luckily, it was the same menu as Independent Living.
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My Mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease by a neuro-psychiatrist. He suggested that it wouldn't be helpful to tell her as there isn't anything she can do to "cure" it. He said his first goal was to never take away hope from anyone. I agreed with him as I know my Mom would be devastated and would probably decline a lot faster if she knew. We just told her she has a brain injury and that she needs to have people around her 24/7. So far that's working......
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if they are advising a move, then she probably needs to be moved.
you don't need to tell your mom. hopefully the AL can help you with the move. the facility should help with your moms adjustment to moving.

my moms in AL and I hear all the time, that some one has been moved to the 'other building'

and later I hear that they are happier over there. they get more attention.

of course im sure it costs more. my mom already pays a lot, so I get scared on money issue.

if my mom had to move. id just tell her some white lie about it. I wouldn't tell her real reason.

edit my mom is now almost 89 and moved to AL in 2011 with my dad - who passed in 2015

both w dementia
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