My mom thinks the landlord is coming into her home when we leave. She hides my things, and hers and forgets where she puts them. She's 85. what can I do about this. My brother thinks she has dementia. She just lost her husband last year. What can I do?

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My mom goes into fits of what she calls "cleaning"...means pulling everything out of drawer or closet, finding things she can't remember EVER owning, claiming that someone is coming into her home and putting the stuff there (while stealing the stuff that she's looking for, but has hidden from herself), and finally having an anxiety/depression/crying or rage fit. This goes on numerous times a day. She will call me over to help her find whatever it is, and once we find it, she re-hides it from herself in another (safe) place, so whomever it is that is stealing from her (recently, she has accused me!) won't do it again! We repeat this scenario numerous times a day now. If someone DOES end up having a solution, I would also be most appreciative. We have tried notes, calendars, reminder calls, etc., to no avail. She even hides the notes!
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My mother also started hiding things after my dad died. She would hide her keys and then forget where she put them and would insist that someone must have come in and stole them. Then she would threaten to stay up all night with a bat on the couch in the front room incase someone came in at night. It was a very difficult situation since she has dementia there was no reasoning with her.(which I wasn't aware of at the time) After awhile I found out all of her hiding places and would have to either tell her were to look or go over to her house and find them for her...... Maybe this will help you a little, sorry I don't have a solution,
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