My mom passes gas and sometimes it's more than gas and she can't make it to the bathroom. It's become a daily routine and it's getting the best of me. What can I do?

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CK, I don't mean to make light of your problem, but it reminded me of a something an older friend said to me once and I wanted to share the chuckle. He said;

"One thing I learned about getting older, never trust a fart"
Well first, get her some adult pull ups. They are disposable and can be torn down the sides to remove so they don' t have to be pulled down. And baby wipes. They make the clean up job easier.
Second, check out her diet. Perhaps it is something she is eating. Or it could be caused by her meds. Talk to her doctor.
I'm on the right track and doing all that you've advised. Sometimes I wonder if she does it itentionally so I had to through it out there.. thanks you all
I hear what your saying. Sometimes I think my mom does some devious things just to drive me nuts.

First, your Mom is still fairly young and only had a stroke which might have affected her bodily functions. If the doctor says that everything is normal then she must be one of those people that feel something in their a__, don't know if the're going to f__t or s__t on themselves, but let it rip anyway without a care in the world about their surroundings. ... Nasty.

Get some of those adult diapers, or have her sit by the window now that Spring is here and point a fan in her direction during those fetid days. Also, try that anti-flatulence pill that starts with a "B" and change the diet around. If she still smells like she wants to be alone, oblige her every now and then. After all, you need to breathe.

Good luck my friend.

-- ED


Here's another possibility: passing gas so often might be therapeutic for her and provide a sense of comfort -- and entitlement -- after a long, hard life. And who knows? Mortifying you might also be amusing to her.

I'd look at her straight in the eyes and ask if she's doing it on purpose. ... Inquiring minds want to know.

Agree with most of this advise. Get some pullups, after awhile, she'll be glad she had them. Also, my Mom starting losing her control more often lately and we surmised it was from the Ensure she was drinking. Great for vitamin deficiencies; horrible for the bid "D"! All part of the process......
Good luck -

Selfish Siblings
Story: long ago when the indian parent got old, the eldest son took them to top of mountain and left them for starving or animals to eat them, then one day, old man said to eldest son, "son, be sure to bring your son with you when you are old, for "YOU ARE NEXT! "
The indians never took another parent to top of mountain and left them again. I am glad, I am part cherokee myself.

Moral of story: YOU "ARE" NEXT... and my friend, none of us is exempt from growing old and the same problems will happen to us.
Sweety, I know you want answers but you also need a little hug. I have been there. My mother in law had a colostamy bag and sometimes it would explode when I changed it. Sooooo bad. So I can relate to what your going through. Yes, get her some adult pull ups. But also, what your dealing with can get very difficult. Make sure you make time for yourself. When you do something for yourself it makes your task a little bit easier. Good luck dear.
Those are very wise words, Agecare222! I think of that often as I take loving care of my dear old Mom. What goes around comes around.....But, that can be true both ways, I suppose. The parents who were bad parents to their children may not be receiving the most loving care now from those they treated badly. Sad, but true!

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