Has an estate in El Paso TX, what can you let me know?

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If you go to legacy dot com, you can search for obituaries for the entire country. The obit may have the information you are seeking.
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You have a lot of information with name, date and place. Somehow you know cremation.
Since you were asking how to find where she was cremated. You might try the following. 
Do a google search for cremation services for that zip code. Jot down all the places you find. Call any of the locations and then ask them to confirm if there others not on your list. Ask how you would find where she was cremated. Any of them should be able to help. 
Additionally on death certificates there is usually an entry of the funeral home the body was released to and the cemetery of intended burial if known.
The DC is usually signed by a Justice of Peace or other local government official. A copy can be ordered from the court house for the county where the death occurred or from the state vital records department.
It might be a little early to get a copy if all the paperwork hasn’t been completed. Usually it takes a couple of weeks to a month.
I’m sorry for the loss of your mom.
I hope this helps.
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I would start where Mom died. Search for funeral homes in the area and call them. If she was cremated then they should be able to tell you. Finding a Grave website will not help if she wasn't buried. Like everything else, they may not be able to give you too much info because there are privacy issues. Did Mom have a Will? Then it will be probated in the County she lived but that can't be done right away. In my state its 11 days from the death. Once its probated, the will be on file and anyone can ask to see it. The Executor will be required to send a letter to those mentioned in the will, and interested parties, telling them the Will is now in probate. The Executor, or Administrator, has 60 days in which to do this. If you get no letter, you can call the Probate Office and find out who the Executor is. Then inform Probate that you weren't notified.

Hope the info given so far is enough. We r a forum of people who care for loved ones who share our experiences. We r from different states and countries so r only able to maybe point you in the right direction. Good Luck.
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Johnny, my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Are there any family members you can call? Since May 12th was only last Saturday it could be not all the arrangements had been made. Just curious why you weren't notified?

You could go on-line to the area funeral homes as most have a list of clients who have past and where the services were or are going to be held.

I have been doing a family tree through Ancestry, and it isn't easy finding everything you need. The information is only as good as when a relative had placed such information into websites. Now a days, less and less relatives have obituaries.
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Johnny, I am sorry for the passing of your mother. You will have to do research on your own to find out. Did she pass in a nursing home or other facility? If so, they will have a record of what funeral home she was taken to. There is also a website called you could research. Most cities keep records of burials. If she passed at home, the local fire or police department might be able to help. You have no family you could ask? Mom never mentioned anything about a cemetery? I wish you luck in finding your mom’s grave. You should be allowed the right to pay your final respects.
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