My mom passed away. Can anybody help me or at least point me in the right direction?

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My mom passed away this past Sunday. She had Uterine Cancer, kidney failure, blood clots. For the past 5 years, I took care of my mom. I helped pay the bills, cook the meals, take care of the house as she couldn't walk. I would even help her get up so she could go to the bathroom. I lived with my mom and am unemployed and have no Driver's License. Everything is in her name as far as checking accounts, bills etc. She fell in the house landing her in the Hospital. She was there and then went to Hospice where she passed away. Sorry for the rant, but is there anyway I can get some type of benefit or benefits for taking care of my mom? I'm afraid I'm going to lose my home. I'm trying to get a job but it takes time. I am really desperate. Can anybody help me or at least point me in the right direction?

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"Well, they told me that if I'm well enough to dress and cook for myself then I'm not that disabled."

That is not true for I'm on disability and so is my wife. We can do those two things.
Mets, sorry for your loss. Here are some steps to take. Make sure you get enough death certificates --- one for each financial account, the house, car, etc Was your Mom on Medicaid?
1) You must notify social security and any pension plans of your Mom's passing. They will both require the return of any payments made to her beyond what she was due.
2) Get an approximate value of all of her financial investments, the house etc. Make an appointment with the Surrogate Court in your County and they will guide you for the steps to take after Mom's passing. (Sometimes there is information on your county website about the process).
3) Ultimately, the Surrogates court will provide you with 'Letters of Administration' . This will allow you to access accounts and transfer ownership. Despite there being no Will, each state has rules of Intestacy. You can google your states rules.
If you are disabled, do you receive Medicaid, and an income from Social Security, or SSI?
If not, go to the Social Security Office start filling out applications for SS, (do you have a work history?), or SSI income for low-income disabled.
Go to the welfare office for food stamps until this clears up for you financially.

If you receive enough income to pay the mortgage, that will help. Did your Mother have Mortgage Insurance that will pay off the mortgage? The bank will know, but I would find the paperwork on that now. Still, lots of options.
If your Mom was on Medicaid (as you stated), and you cared for her for five years, and there is no will, you need to see an attorney ASAP. You will quickly find that all of her assets will become frozen when the death notification reaches the bank.
So sorry for your loss, Mets.
You are going to need some time.
Don't panic, there will be people coming alongside to offer suggestions.

We will need more information, it was your Mom's home?

Is it likely that you can get a job to sustain the expenses of the home?
Or, are you disabled, or nearing retirement yourself?

Have you found a will, are there other siblings?

Who was the POA, you know that role ends, and the executor of the will takes over.

Is there a mortgage, have you missed a payment?
Thank You guys. I just feel like I'm going to lose my home and have no money. That makes me very scared.
And my mom was on Medicaid.
Getting approved for Disability can take some time. Maybe you could go on welfare and get food stamps?
Thank You very much for responding. I will answer the questions.

It was my mom's home. The thing is I'm kind of torn because I can work but I am disabled. I was diagnosed with OCD and Hallucinations years ago. But I do have Husky Health D to offset my medication but I still need to go to counseling and my Shrink. I had to stop doing that to take care of my mom.

There is no will and I have no other siblings. There never was a POA or anything. I haven't missed a mortgage payment yet.
Well, they told me that if I'm well enough to dress and cook for myself then I'm not that disabled.
I don't receive Medicaid, Social Security or SSI?

I filled out Social Security Disability online. My mom didn't have Mortgage Insurance as we were able to get The Mortgage lowered with Loan Modification.
Sometimes a local church will have resources to help thru times like this, as well as someone who can help you navigate the legal issues to attempt to retain the house. Even if it's limited help, perhaps you can piece together enough financially to get thru a very short period.

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