She went to a senior center 2 days a week. It was great, we got a break & time alone!! Than they called & said she couldn’t come back because she wasn’t independent. She often needs help standing to her rollator. There’s a center that would accept her but it’s $85/day!! What have any of you found???

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I get concerned about this too. My mom is perfectly happy with just me as her companion. She is very friendly with others if I have someone over but has never really been a social butterfly from what I remember. She was involved with us as a family, attended our school functions, active in church, chatting with neighbors. Family has always been number one with her. She wasn't the type who was always chatting on the phone or lunch dates, that sort of thing, so in that regard not socializing is her normal. I am the one who has taken the hit of feeling isolated. I do feel some people are introverts and perfectly content. My husband is one of them. My neighbor who is a writer is a super nice guy but he is keeps to himself while his wife is extremely outgoing. It is simply their personality.
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Mother goes to the local Sr Center one day a week, 2 if brother will rake her (he doesn't work, he simply likes to control all aspects of her life)

I know we'd PAY the $85 in a heartbeat if it cost anything. As it is, it's a subsidized program, she does pay for her Bingo cards and her lunch. Any activities away from the Center are extra.

Do check into low income support. I know around here a lot of $$ goes unused b/c people don't think to ask.

If I 'babysat' dad daddy for 6-8 hrs, I could have been paid around $60-70.

First check around and see if there is a different Sr Center, Mother's is very geared towards people in wheelchairs, scooters, etc. The one at the rehab unit charges about $60 a day. Food is better, and they do have exercise classes and craft classes, so it's a different setting altogether.
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If Mom is low income, Medicaid may pay for all or partial for the Adult Care.

What does Mom do with her money if she is living with you? If she can afford it, use it for Adult care.
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I don't have experience with this personally but my first thought is $85 a day might be a bargain if she can afford it. Your mental health as a caregiver matters. I say go for it if that's the going rate in your area.
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