My Mom lives in Wisconsin and I live in Washington and cannot travel there because of Covid. I've hired a caregiver who goes to her once a week at the so called "assisted" living place she lives.

You want to get an occupational therapist involved. This person can assess your mother's requirements accurately and fully to ensure she gets the right type and size of wheelchair. The ALF should be in contact with such professionals regularly, so ask them for recommendations.

To expand - it isn't only about a person's height, weight, length of leg and so on, it's also about how good her core strength is, how much support she needs, what kind of seat, whether she can push it herself or would want to, and what sort of flooring and layout it's going to be used for.

Who alerted you to her needing a wheelchair now, your mother herself, the caregiver or the ALF?
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Beatty Oct 12, 2021
Agree. Steer away from well- meaning but non-professional advice. OT input is definately worth it.
Get an OT to prescribe a properly fitted chair and ask them to consider both her present and future needs. During my mom's time in the nursing home one of my pet peeves was seeing people in obviously inappropriate wheelchairs - poorly fitted, unsupportive and undoubtedly uncomfortable. Get as many bells an whistles as you can because in the long run it's much more economical to buy once than to pay for upgrades later.
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Ricky6 Oct 17, 2021
A wheelchair is a durable medical equipment (DME) is covered by Medicare with a Doctor’s order. By all means see an Occupational Therapist for the wheelchair specifications and get it ordered by an approved Medicare DME provider with a Doctor’s order.
The American Legion usually has access to lots of that kind of thing and they give them free. My mom lost both of her legs and she's a small person. A regular sized wheelchair was too big and heavy for her so we found her a child's wheelchair which works just great and is easier for her to get through doorways and narrow spaces.
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