After living there for 7 years she feels very independent. She can still care for herself for the most part but her health is declining quickly and she is very unhappy in my home. We are on the assisted living waiver wait list but it is 12-16 months. We are on a limited budget with her SSI and it seems impossible to find any low income senior places with availability. I would love for my mom to have a better quality of life while she can still function. I have 3 kids and she is constantly fighting with them and my husband and it’s causing so much resentment in our house. I don’t know who to contact for help, every place I call gives me the number to another resource. It’s so frustrating.

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I found this link online. The senior apartments listed there charge rent based on income. Your mother would pay around 1/3 of her income towards rent.

Most of them will have a wait list. But you might get lucky.
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Someone will have you some advice shortly.
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Have you called the local Area Agency on Aging?
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Have u tried Daycare. Use her SS for it or see if Medicaid can pay partial or all of it. It will be based on her income. Moms DC picked her up at 8 and dropped her off at 2:30. She had breakfast and lunch and activities.
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