2.5 years ago my mom fell in her apt and hit her head..she was on a walker at the time…I quit my job to take care of her. I have been her soul caretaker as my brother gets her once a weekend a month. My savings has dwindled immensely in that time. A friend told me I could get paid as her caretaker. I own my home so I don’t want to do anything illegal to have the gubment take it. Please advise.

Thank you! She has the funds to pay me and she wants to do so because she knows what I’ve sacrificed. I will be consulting an elderly law lawyer soon. Thank you for your feedback.
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freqflyer Oct 9, 2022
PJAMMY2022, be sure to have an employment contract stating what are your duties, your hours, and your hourly pay. Ask the Elder Law Attorney what he/she suggest regarding payroll taxes. There are check paying companies that will do payroll taxes for a fee.
PJAMMY2022, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers for their parent(s) do not get paid.... unless the parents can pay you from their savings.

You can also check with your State Medicaid office [different from Medicare] to see if your Mom can qualify to be on Medicaid. Each State has their own rules and regulations, so it can vary if you can qualify to be paid as your Mom's caregiver. Don't be surprised if the pay is minimum wage for limited hours each week. Not enough to live off of. Note that Medicaid is funded by us taxpayers.

It's tough when one leaves employment to care for a love one. I read in Forbes many years ago that when one quits work, over the years they lose $350k in funds. These funds not only deal with salary, also deal with company sponsored health insurance.... matching 401(k) funds.... profit sharing, etc.

Chances are you would prefer that Mom stays home, I noticed in your profile that Mom has Alzheimer/Dementia. If Mom has funds saved up, it might be better for her to move into a Memory Care facility, then you could go back to being her daughter and return to work to built back up your retirement fund. Mom would also be around people from her own age group which she might enjoy. It's just food for thought.
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