My Mom lives 8-10 hrs away from family, she has no support and is having problems remembering how to do things, where can I get her help?



What is your situation? Sometimes this takes boots on the ground. I dealt with my failing elder parents for 5, 6 years from 12 hours away. Luckily I had just retired as this all started. I made 3 or 4 trips a year.

Can you visit, see what’s available in her area, and get a grip,on the finances?
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Kodak4u, for my Dad who was still living in his home, he had me call a caregiving Agency. Thus my Dad had 3 shifts of caregivers which worked out very well, but was quite expensive. Eventually Dad sold the house and used the equity to move into Independent Living, then later down the line move into Assisted Living/Memory Care.

When all of this first began, I never even knew there were caregivers who would come to the house, or that there were Independent Living and Assisted Living. I first heard about it when the hospital social worker gave me a list of caregiving agencies after Dad had a bad fall.
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Call mom’s Area Agency on Aging and ask for a needs assessment for your mom. They can let you know what services are available for your mom in her area.
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I would contact her doctor and tell them you are concerned about Mom’s safety. She needs to be evaluated for possible placement in Assisted Living. If possible, can you or another family member go to her home and help guide her through the process?
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