He lives in Mexicali BC in Northern Mexico. How can I get her an ID so she can travel? I'm looking at something like a home bound ID, does anyone know how can I obtain one?

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I'd really question her request as being reasonable. Traveling out of the country, when you are seriously ill is a very risky thing. There are so many things to consider. Can't they do face time?
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I'm sorry your Mother is so ill. You say she never met your husband - yet she wants you to take her out of the country to see him? Does her request sound rational to you? Has she given you a good reason to take her (in her condition) on a trip that would be very difficult, to say the least. Do you have other family or someone who might help you with this decision? Please seriously consider this before moving forward. Sending lots of ((( hugs )))
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Is she an American citizen? Or does she have a greencard? A US citizen would need a passport. These take up to two weeks if all paperwotk is OK. I assume is has no drivers licence because this would be considered her ID. If no DL then she will need an ID thru the DMV. You need to call them and see what paperwork would be needed. It maybe easier for your husband to come here.
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