My mom is staying with my sister for now. She is between me and my sister. In October my sister took my mom and closed out our account. What can I do?


Account with mine, my mom's and sister's name on it closed and opened up an acc with her and mom's name only. Now my sister won't let me see her, what can I do to see her with out begging my sister to see her? I have asked mom several times let me get her and she say no they make my decisions. What can I do?

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Louann, usually when a sibling doesn't want other siblings to see a parent, there is usually a back story. Can you think of a reason why your sister would do that?

As for closing the bank account, I would think the bank would have required your signature, too. Check with the Bank Manager of said bank to see how that account was closed.
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Dear Louann,

I'm very sorry to hear about this conflict with your sister. It is troubling. I'm not sure if you can get Adult Protective Services involved. Maybe a social worker or family therapist can mediate between you and your sister. Hopefully other family members or a family friend can get to the bottom of this as well. I know its really hard, so I hope things can be resolved.
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