My mom is now pregnant. I don't know when it happened but it's clearly visible from her belly that she is. Everytime I mention the thing, she starts making jokes and then change topic. I'm scared because in my opinion a pregnancy at her age (40+) it's too dangerous, not to mention that 'the father' has no responsibility for such a big change. I don't want to put pressure on her, but now there's nothing we can do to help her if she hides everything from us. I already suffered a lot in my life and this baby will deal with an as* hole father with no work (he has a daughter living in foster care), and my mom that can't afford to care.

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Unless your mother is mentally incapable, she can make her own choices. She can deny it all she wants but, in 4-5 more months, the "proof" will present itself.

I also don't know why you are taking care of her. Is she working? Does she have a disability?

Regardless, you are NOT responsible for any of this mess. She has the "right" to be behaving like she is.
Do NOT enable her by taking on caring for a baby. She had the choice to have unprotected relations, now she has the choice of what to do with a baby. Not your problem.
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Some parents want to be the child and do everything to rope their own children
into being the responsible parent. They will want you to leave your own life
unlived so you can continually bail them out of their poor choices. No regard for
the quality of their children's lives.

JoAnn has some great advice for your situation. I heartily concur with her conclusion that adoption looks to be the best option. Good luck!!! (((hugs)))
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Why are you caring for a 40+ year old woman? And how old are you?

So sorry about this. But Mom is an adult and has made a choice, good or bad. Hoping she is seeing a Dr. and has had an ultra sound. For you, you need to plan what you are going to do with your life. If Mom has health problems, she was wrong in bringing another life into this world. She is old enough to know better. You seem to be the responsible one, don't let her rope you into caring for the baby. Tell her if she doesn't feel she can handle it, put the child up for adoption. A child is not a toy. It needs lots of love.
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