She won’t be having any surgery or hospitalization, so maybe just her Medicare would be enough....any opinions?

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Gail4mom, because you said that your mom won't be having any surgery or hospitalization, I assume that she has a health care directive that instructs such. If so, then I would cancel her supplemental insurance. If my then 96-year-old dad with end-stage Alzheimer's had had a Medicare supplement when I put him on hospice, I would have canceled that insurance because, like your mom, I knew he was not going to be hospitalized, have surgery or have any other intensive or invasive medical treatment. He died a few weeks after his 97th birthday earlier this year. Original Medicare paid 100% of his hospice bills. Best wishes for you and your mom.
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Medicare pays 100% of hospice services. But, people do graduate from hospice. If she does, then she has a lapse in supplemental coverage with possible penalties if she can get the coverage back at all.

Ask hospice if there are medical costs that they will not pay and have to be run through her supplemental.
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Sorry for you and your mom.  Maybe call hospice, speak to financial or billing dept., and ask how much her bill would be with only Medicare before you make a decision.  The $300+/month may be covering thousands of dollars a day beyond what Medicare pays. 

Ask hospice if there's any financial aid she may qualify for because her supplemental has become unaffordable.  That may lower what they charge, and maybe Medicare alone would be enough except for the 20%.  Then cancel the supplemental.
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worriedinCali Nov 7, 2019
There’s no need to call. Hospice is covered in full by traditional Medicare, Medicare is paying 100% of the hospice bill. Her supplement isn’t paying for it.

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