Hi, my mom had stage 4 COPD. I live in Hawaii and she lives in FL. I’m with her now and don’t feel comfortable leaving to go home. I’m 39 and not sure what to do and haven’t had to deal with anything like this before.

She’s been on oxygen for a couple of years. She still smokes a few cigarettes throughout the day. I’ve noticed she’s lost a lot of weight since last year when I saw her and she can’t be off the oxygen more than 10 min. It drops quick. The other day it dropped to 77 because she took it off for a few moments when walking around. When she put it back on I noticed her eyes rolled back in her head for a brief second before the oxygen could fully kick in. It really scared me. She’s not eating a lot at all and sleeping more and more. Has anyone dealt with this before and what should I do?

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There comes a time when oxygen doesn't help. Her Hemoglobin levels should be checked. Hemoglobin helps carry oxygen through the body.

Smoking is a big no no around oxygen. I agree, may be time for Hospice.
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No one can predict your mother’s end of life. When I lost my parents we were told the three things that most indicated the end being close were no longer eating at all, no longer communicating, and sleeping a very deep sleep where it’s almost impossible to rouse them. This proved very true. Hospice care was a true gift. Please consult mom’s doctor to get this going. You’ll still have to arrange in home help. And do what’s needed to care for yourself. I wish you both peace
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She needs hospice care. She also needs full time supervision with smoking and removing oxygen. She can cause a fire, first on the face if she smokes and wears oxygen.
It is up to you to contact the doctor for s referral. You will slso have to make arrangements for full time care. If she does have an accident and you are not around then APS or a hospital will get involved to contact probate to assign a guardian.
If you stay with no job or support, you are at risk.
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