My brother had said that mom had hairs on her face to the care staff in the care home where my mom is. Yesterday they had shaved her face with a razor. My mom is ninety- eight I wasn't very happy as I surely do it with my proper razor that I had brought. Are they allowed to do this without permission?

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The used a regular razor? Depending on the razor, they can be rough on skin. Like I posted, I bought a No No and kept it in my car. I had nothing at Moms NH that could be stolen.
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I'm not sure what the problem is, what difference does it make? At mom's NH the ladies don't get a shave at all, if family doesn't do something about facial hair they just let it grow and frankly I would be pleased if I didn't have to do it.
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Pasport Jul 2018
Yes but the thing is they know that I always shave my mothers face, my mom is nightie eight and her face looks really sore that's why I wasn't happy
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You know, I do understand what you are saying. Speak to the supervisor, and let her know, what THEY di wrong, and show them what they are supposed to use.
Your brother probably didn't remember your instructions, or the one you had bought for them to use on her.
Just talk it out with them.
This was just an error. As long as they are taking care of her well, just have a nice talk with the supervisor.
Its stressful, I know and it has upset you.But your Mom, always wants to look nice, so the one time mistake will not effect her.
Good luck, and may God bless your Mom and your family.
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Pasport Jul 2018
Thank you for your reply I did say to the nurse that was on duty that not to use a udenery razor and moms face was really sore I will be putting a note in her room to tell them that I have left moms razor in the bathroom it's a proper lady shave thank you once again
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