My mom doesn't believe me when I tell her that it is past meal time and that she ate already. She keeps saying that was yesterday or it was 5 hrs ago or something. Because of her unstable sugar level, I don't always give her the extra meal. I am afraid that it will drive her blood sugar up the wall and that will result in her staying in the hospital for a week or so. When I don't give her the extra meal, she will tell my nieces and nephews to give her sugar water. It can get frustrating sometimes and I'd have to lie to her that we are out of sugar. I don't know what to do, I mean what can I do besides giving her the extra meal or sugar water? Thank you.

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My 97 year old mother is a diet controlled diabetic. She sometimes thinks I did not feed her although, she had a big lunch or dinner. I have been giving her Glucerna Therapeutic Nutrition. It has 10g of protein and 220 calories. The shake helps minimize blood sugar spikes. I use the Homemade Vanilla flavor. I sometimes add protein 20g Whey Protein unflavored by Cabot for added protein. It also helps her sugar cravings. I buy a case at Costco's.
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Pasa18 May 8, 2020
Good suggestion on the whey protein. Hunger after a big lunch or dinner sounds like what my mother is experiencing. She has been drinking more of the Ensure bottles. I will try increasing the protein with whey.
Carrots and celery or popcorn cakes are relatively low-sugar options, and they are filling/satiating for the appetite. Other options for a snack would be apples, protein bars and shakes, and no-calorie drinks like flavored water (propel), or low calorie Gatorade. Some people might disagree with me on this one, but sugar alternatives are abundant and safe for diabetics. Diet sprite, Coke Zero, and even diet root beer are delicious and won't spike her blood sugar like pure sugar. Please update us and let us know how it's going. It's clear that you truly care about her and her health! Hopefully, she will take to a compromise with the food and drink.
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Break her meals into smaller ones if possible.
For breakfast maybe a 1 egg and a few hours later something else, that would take her to lunch and you can do the same thing again, a bowl of soup then a few hours later a sandwich and between a piece of fruit or maybe veggies and a dip.
Not sure how the meals spaced like this would effect her you might want to consult with a dietitian if possible and see how the meals could safely be spaced out over the day. (a phone consultation might be all it would take)
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You could give her an appropriate snack rather than a whole meal. If you do a google search there are a number of low gi options listed - hard boiled eggs, yogurt, nuts, hummus, avocado, apples and peanut butter, popcorn....Giving her a cup of tea or coffee (decaf if necessary) will help ensure that she takes a little more time to eat.
And look for things to keep her busy so she is less apt to obsess about eating.
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