She wants someone to be with her 24/7 who feeds her and gives her company and takes her care.
She wants her brothers and all relatives to come and visit her. She always complains that no one comes to meet her everyday.

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Is her depression being treated ?

I also wonder, from your name, if she grew up in a culture in which there were always multi generational households with lots of bustle, people, relatives, servants and the like. Is the US something of culture shock for her?
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The answers to the questions FF asked can really guide suggestions.

There's also the issue of why, and if, she is lonely, or if she's ill and needs the human comfort, or if there's another reason she wants to have people around her. And that also could guide the answers.

If she's been social all her life and is now suddenly alone, or if she's just plain lonely, you could consider getting her involved with senior center activities, book clubs, and other activities, assuming she's mobile.

If she has other illnesses that restrict her social activities, smaller groups or single visitors might be better so that she isn't tired out.

If she's experiencing some dementia or hearing loss, one on one shorter visits might be better.

If the family lives close, you could try to work out an informal schedule so that they visit her, or at least call or send cards. If they're spread out, just call or send cards. If they were close, that's a different need than if the family wasn't close and she now feels desire to be with them as she ages.

So a lot does depend on more specific factors.
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Amitshah, we need more information, please. How old is your mother? What are her medical issues? Where does she live, at her own home, with you, or in a care facility? If she lives in her own home, who currently takes care of her, someone apparently feeds her? Do her brothers live nearby? Are they retired, or still fully employed?
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