Mom is still sharp, no dementia, but arthritis has robbed her of much of her mobility. She is no longer able to wash and set her own hair, meal preparation is not possible, nor is shopping or running errands. She has become a housebound senior and I am starting to have health issues from wearing down. My husband and I have to work full-time. I don't know where to start looking for help for her. She has a survivorship pension from my dad's Federal Retirement and receives Social Security. Those are the resources she has. Help! Where do I start looking for in-home help and financial assistance to support it?

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AlaskaCare, any chance your Mother could budget enough to go into Independent Living. If she owned her own house and has enough equity she could possibly do this.

My Dad couldn't cook or clean house [that was my late Mom's domain] so Independent Living worked out great for him. He could opt for all 3 meals in the main dining room. His rent included once a week housekeeping and linen service. He could also opt to have his personal laundry done.  There was 24 hour on-duty nurse, since the complex also had Assisted Living.

My Dad enjoyed the safety of the Independent Living, all the nice people, many around his age [mid-90's], and he was happy as a clam sitting in his recliner or out on the front porches or sunrooms reading or watching TV.  The complex had their own beauty salon. 

Now the battle of getting your Mom to move. People from her generation remember their own parents or grandparents being sent to asylums. Like, who would want to go there. One idea is to tell Mom you are looking for senior homes for a friend, and she would like her opinion since she is of the same generation. Most places if you call first, with give you a tour and serve you lunch. I know my Dad was sold on the meal :)
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Call your Area Agency on Aging. Often times the offices are in the council of governments. They are wonderful resource. They probably have a website where you can begin your research online. The pension, may be possible that there is some ideas there too. Is there a day program, senior center where she could go through the day?

If you are in Alaska try this link as a start.

If not AC has a fairly extensive list.
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