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Without knowing if there is any 'medical condition' for her behavior, I would say that Alzheimer's is a possiblity. This was one of the first 'symptoms' I saw in my own mother BEFORE she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

If you are not familiar with the early signs of Alzheimers, please read the articles on this website or the Alzheimer's association website for more information.

Can you provide more information about your mother, living arrangements, and what she 'feels' you are doing to her? This will spark a lively discussion with good idea exchange, but unless your mother is evaluated by a geriatric doctor, you won't know if it is a medical condition like a vitamin deficiency or a hearing problem, or a urinary tract infection, or Alzheimer's.

If Mom is living on her own, please see that she has the proper supervision/friendships that will help watch over her. If she is living with one of 'the children' please be aware that to the 'mind games' are real, and there is an arsenal of weapons that can be used to disarm her.

It took me a long time (over a YEAR) to learn what to do when dealing with someone with Alzheimer's and I want only to shorten your learning curve, so you will not have the problems we had.

Post more information, so we can provide the support you are looking for. God Bless
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