Voice a little slurry. Lost 50 pounds. Does not want to bathe or eat. She lives with my dad with Dementia as well. I live far away. They have almost full time care. Does this sound like final stage? She was diagnosed 1 year ago with Alzheimer's but refused all treatment. She was an alcoholic as well as my dad but got them to stop drinking 2 months ago.

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Sorry you're parents are in such rough shape.

Knowing nothing about their history, I do wonder if she'd over-medicated, which might be causing the extreme sleepiness? Are you able to talk to her doctor?

Amazing that you got them to stop drinking!
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She needs to be evaluated. She may have had a stroke. Have the AL send her to the hospital for testing.
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Well, it doesn't sound GOOD, if that's what you're asking.

Nobody has a timeline for EOL behavior. Maybe it's time for you to step in a little more closely and have their basic health and needs evaluated. Sometimes. boots on the ground is the best way to get a handle on what's going on.

Good Luck.
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