My mom is 65. She has 80% of the signs she has Alzheimer's. She is taking care of my mentally ill brother. And she is getting worse. Help!


And she won't let me help. She is constantly fighting me and him. Always yelling at me that she is fine. But I know she is not. And she called the cops on me about it one day. The cops told me that I'm gonna have to take legal action for her and my brother's proctection. But I dont know how to do this. Can someone help me or point me in the right direction. She's in Schererville, Indiana. Thank you



You need to call Adult Protective Services and ask them to come check out the situation. Let them know the police were called and there is a police report.
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sammyden, instead of Alzheimer's, I wonder if your Mom is totally exhausted, physically and mentally. She has a lot on her plate which doesn't give her much any down time.

Or she could have an Urinary Tract Infection, which will mimic signs of dementia, thus can make someone be very angry. If there is some way to get your Mom to her primary doctor or even to an urgent care to be tested. The test is pretty simple. Antibiotics usually clears up the infection.
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