My mom hasn’t filed taxes in years. Any advice?

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Her gross monthly income is $1640 which is from SS and a small annuity (about $100) she receives from my dad. She said she doesn’t make enough to have to file. My sister agrees, but since neither of them are tax experts, I’m just not sure. I don’t know how many years it’s been she since last filed. It’s a little scary to me.

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Google" over age 65 need to file taxes" and look at the TurboTax link. It looks like she doesn't have to.
The main reasons to file are getting a refund of any income tax withheld and to provide income documentation for subsidized housing, Medicaid, meals on wheels, etc.
My Mom received a letter from IRS telling her she no longer had to file. Mom received $1500 in SS and $200 in Pension. Same with my MIL and she was told she didn't need to pay. Your Mom may have gotten a letter and at this point doesn't remember.
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I own a CPA firm and have prepared taxes for over 30 years. None of your Mom's SS benefits are taxable (because SS phases in as taxable when there is other income) . That leaves the income from the annuity but after her standard deduction and personal exemption she has $10K to go before she would owe any tax.

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