She had been doing well, except for the COLD, was told she has no symptoms from the cancer since diagnosed back in September. However, now on hospice with comfort care package that consist of narcotics, oxygen and breathing treatment is just keeping her drugged up and nauseous. They say she's alert and aware, and in charge of her meds, but saying even if she says no, give it to her she may not know. When the meds is spaced because she fights me not to take it, she talks and tells me it's just keeping her foggy, that when she's not having pains she does want to be forced (sort of speaking). I dont think hospice is where we are in life. Let her stay awake and laugh and talk. Please help, I'm confused.

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Are you her healthcare proxy? Can you sit down with the nursed and discuss your concerns? It could be that mom is feeling no pain because the meds are doing their job, which is what everyone wants, right? Regularly timed doses will do a better job at a lower dose than trying to regain control after pain has broken through, but she could perhaps have the dose and schedule tweaked. You might also consider that her distressing symptoms are the result of the disease and not the meds, I've heard many opine on how those in the nursing home sleep all the time because they are so "doped up", but I know that in some cases they are not on anything sedating at all, it is just the body's reaction to end of life.
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