I have called hospice. My mother has deteriorated mentally and physically in the last 30 days. She cannot obey simple instructions like sit down get up sit on the toilet turn over eat this food as I'm offering it to her with the spoon take your pill and swallow it the simplest instructions seem to go over her head. I have found out unfortunately she has a severe blockage in her rectum severely impact. I am unfamiliar with this. Does the nurse come and try to remove the blockage? It is so bad that her whole rectum is protruding and she is unable to eat. I have taken care of her for three years and usually she's able to pass hard stools eventually With a little help from a gentle laxative or prune juice. This time it is a whole different story I think these things are making it worse because it has no output. I have tried to help her myself but all I do is gag and vomit and cry. Any suggestions?

I second hospice. I am so sorry you and your mom are going through this,OP.
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Your poor mom. This used to be my nightmare scenario, I was certain that was the way my mom would die.
Call hospice, that is what they are for... the nurse can evaluate and might be able to get something moving with an enema, all oral laxatives are contraindicated if there is a blockage.
(Hospice is supposed to be about quality of life until the end so they should be on board about a temporary hospitalization if it is necessary)
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Get her to the ER.
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