She complains about it all the time. If she meets someone, she tells them about it. The Dr. Doctor states it can not be taken out. So what to do!

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She is saying neck. That would mean she has limited range of motion? Does she? Maybe it's just in her mind. They do get fixated on something and can't let it go. Does your Mom have anything that says she can't have an MRI because of the type of rod she has? My nephew wears a necklace saying he has Titanium rods. An an xray should show if something is there.
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The rods are from a surgery called a spinal fusion. The females on my father's side of the family has a condition called degenerative disk disease. I was lucky I had a less invasive surgery at 18 but all of my cousins have had the rods inserted in their back since their late 20s. I will at some point in life need them.

Since you really dont feel the rods, has she been complaining about increased back pain lately? The fall weather change is terrible on the back. Last week, there were 2 days I could barely move so I laid on the floor on a yoga mat, it was the only way the pain stopped. I also use Biofreeze and wet heat to stop the pain.

Has she gained weight recently? Even if she is not overweight, gaining even 5 lbs can put extra pressure on the back and can cause pain.

Does she use a recliner? They are the worst thing on your back, try a chair with more support.

Walking is the best thing you can do for your back. Not on a tradmill though, it jars you too much and increases pain.
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At some time in her life your mother must have been in an accident that may have broken the vertebrae in her spine. Do you remember any accidents she may have been in? Before she got dementia, did she ever say anything about an accident or about the rods in her back?

Is she in pain because of them? If she is, you need to go back to the doctor and tell him/her that Mom is in pain. Also, people with dementia often obsess about things. This may be Mom’s obsession.
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