My mom has just had a relapse with Congestive Heart Failure. Mom is scared, so am I. We have set up homehealth for PT. Is there anything I am missing?

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Her EF used to be 53% now it has gone to 27%. We have set up homehealth for PT. I have asked for a nurse to come out also. We have her on LOW sodium diet. Is there anything I am missing? Oh we also have an appointment with a CHF specialist, and she's under close watch with a cardiologist, as well as her personal care physician. Please if anyone has any new ideas?? THANK YOU

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CHF is nothing to fool around with, as you well know. If I were you, I’d ask for an emergency appointment with her cardio. Perhaps they can meet you at the ER if they have no office time available. Just mho.
Hugemom;Thank you for such a quick answer ....but YES YOU ARE CORRECT we have already covered all of the above the personal care physician, cardiologist, and now Monday we will see a conjestive heart specialist...I'm wondering if there is any other stone we may have left unturned?
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I don’t know why, but my mind always goes to the small details with questions like yours.

Does your mother have a recliner that she can sit in with her legs elevated?

Does your mother suffer the swollen ankles so frequently seem with CHF? If so, does she wear support socks?

I’m sure the cardiologist is on top of this - but just in case - if your mother is taking Lasix is she also taking something like K-tab - a high dose potassium that keeps her electrolytes up?
Watch her weight, Both my Mom and my FIL who have it need to monitor their weight. If it goes up suddenly, a few lbs,, it can be a sign of a relapse. Also watch for swelling in the ankles. You sound like you are making great choices and aware of the problems!
Rainmom;Thank you Yes I do have a electric recliner....and No to the co.pressing stockings..I suggested them mom got VERY ANGRY ...haha I guess they are very uncomfortable
pamzimmerrtt; You are correct in need to buy a scale Thank you I will do that tomorrow! THANK YOU
It's been 3 weeks since mom's latest episode with CHF ,we are not seeing much improvement she has has 2 PT sessions I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about any new Meds there may be for CHF or ANYthing at all my mother is just SOOOO WEAK .
I know my father would get weak when the fluid built up in his lungs - hard to breath means hard to do anything.
Periodically, daddy would have to go to the doctors- sometimes even the ER and have it drained.

Usually, it did help.

How is your mothers oxygen level? My dad did had oxygen but it wasn’t until the final stages. I wish he had it earlier- but for some reason oxygen is tough to get approved on Medicare.
This was about six years ago - don’t know if it’s still that way.
Lorraine, as RM asked, is your mother taking Lasix, on a regular basis? It can cause orthostatic hypotension, which is weakness on rising from a seated or laying down position. It had that effect on my father. You mentioned that your mother is very weak, and Lasix on a sustained basis was something I thought of.
Just a note of encouragement. CHF is serious, yes. It is also treatable. My husband was diagnosed in his early 40s. He lived to 86 and did not die of heart failure. (The first visit when he was diagnosed removed 15 pounds of water from him.) My best friend's daughter, early 40s, was diagnosed a few months ago with an EF of less than twenty. It is now close to 50. Medications and lifestyle changes are part of the treatment plan.

It sounds to me like Mom has lots of medical professionals on her side. I'm sure among them they know the latest research and will come up with an effective treatment plan. I don't blame either of you for being scared. It is scary. But Mom will probably go on with a normal or near normal life.

Best wishes to you both!

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