I have asked her to stop smoking in the house each day because I have asthma and choke (cough) each day. I have to use an inhaler for the first time in 20 yrs due to her smoking in the house. What do I do?

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You might also show her the lastest stories in the news about the lung problems some are beginning to have with vapping. this included ruptured lungs and other problems.
It can't hurt try.
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To add to my previous post.... sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a photo of Mom while she is vaping, print it, and put it on the bathroom mirror. Bet Mom doesn't realize how she looks vaping. I know I was stunned by how much vapor one puts out per puff. How can people drive smoking those things?
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Move her out. She either doesn’t care or she has lost ability to reason. Either way, she needs to go.

Call Area Agency on Aging and ask for an assessment and help with placing her. Just tell them your mom needs a place to live. They will guide you through the options.

If she is more capable than you realize she will begin to see you are serious about her moving and not vaping. If not, then this action needs to be taken anyway.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Caspercm, have Mom watch the national news about young people in their teens having serious lung issues because they are vaping. One young man is now suing JUUL because said company makes it sound like vaping is much safer than regular cigarettes. There are actually MORE chemicals in the vape smoke than in tobacco smoke.

Plus there has been fire issues with the recharger which can explode if overcharged.

Sadly, it is very difficult for women to stop smoking.

Edit: If Mom claims that smoking makes her feel calmer, it is actually the deep inhaling and the exhaling that is doing the calmness. The same can be accomplished by cutting a soda straw to the same length of a cigarette. It won't look cool but it will do the same thing :)
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If she refuses to believe you as you suck on your inhaler, choke and cough perhaps hearing it from your doctor or another medical professional will convince her it isn't ok for YOU. Mom can choose to harm herself with vaping but she can't make that choice for you so she has a few options depending on who's house it is. First, she can choose to do her vaping outside away from the other household residents, the polite thing to do anyway. If that isn't something she can do and it's her house she can choose to vape in it all she wants but you wont be able to care for and be in the house anymore, you can still take her out in the car, to appointments and whatever (she can't vape in your car) but you can't be in any enclosed space that someone is or has been vaping in. If she lives with you in your house she can choose to live somewhere else and jump through all the care giving hurdles that might require. If she can't live alone she will either have to hire help (that will be around vaping) or move to AL of some sort (that she qualifies for) that allows the vaping. She may find banning herself to the outdoors to vape or just giving it up if she can, is far more desirable and less complicated than her alternatives but this needs to not be your problem anymore, it's Mom's problem, your needs are just medical facts.
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AlvaDeer Aug 22, 2019
I agree with Lymie61. And when anyone has the answer to this new vaping fad I would love to know it so I can pass it on to my 21 year old grandson who is losing weight and looks not so great since he started this. WHY do they insist on thinking this is harmless when all evidence is that it is NOT.
Your profile says it's your home so stop buying the vape stuff or insist that she vape outdoors. If she complains, tell her "my roof, my rules". I read that she has dementia and you may be approaching the point of needing to find another place for her to live. How far advanced in dementia is she?
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Whose house is it?

How is she getting the vaping supplies?

I agree the fumes from vaping are nasty. I have an immediate reaction to them.
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