too much for me too be there 24/7 ....for 1 i need to have a few hours each day too go work out and on the weekend I would like to make sure she is ok when I need time away from her, what do I do and how much will it cost with limited finances? i cant do it all ..

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Debora, I feel for you. I've had my dad living under our roof for the past 5 months and living next door for 7 years. I get a few hours, 3 times a week and I am so grateful for that, but sometimes I just want my life back. It's hard to always be the one people count on. As Jeannegibbs said, start the process with social services to see what can be done to help our mom. Don't go down with the ship.
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Yes, Deborah, that does sound like too much for one person. And it sounds like whether you arrange for some in-home care or consider placement where around the clock care is available, your mother will need financial help. So begin the process now of applying for Medicaid and for researching what other programs might be available. The social worker at the hospital where she was treated for stroke could help you get started. Also call Social Services in the county where Mother livers.

Good luck!
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