This occurs mostly at night when she gets up to use the restroom, about 2 times during the night. I cannot keep the floors dry no matter what I do. My mom does wear diapers, but she will secretly take them off. She will get up during the night and leave a large trail of urine from her bed, all the way to her bathroom. I have gone through so many mops (especially the spin mop and buckets) because of how much I’ve been cleaning everyday. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes me or someone else will accidentally step into a trail or puddle of urine. Is there anyway I can help prevent this any further? Can I lay down pee pads onto the floor so that they can soak up the urine? Should I invest in a steam mop that uses disposable cleaning pads? Any recommendations will help a lot.

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Here is a link to a Onesie pajama you can dress mom in for sleep. Get her in an overnight Depends first, then the pj which she cannot remove herself.

I wouldn't be putting down pads on the floor as they'd be a trip hazard. At some point, you may have to think about placement for her as Alzheimer's tends to progress to a point where you can't handle it safely or effectively at home anymore.

Best of luck
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