My mom has a difficult time using the bathroom by herself. This poses a very difficult situation for my brother and myself when going out. Any advice?


This poses a difficult situation for my brother and myself mostly when going someplace. So far, I have tried to only go to places where I know we will be only a few hours and I let her use the bathroom before we leave home. But there is the question of what if when we are out she has an emergency and has to use the bathroom. She requires my brother's strength at times to help her up from the toilet and he will not go into the ladies room with her. I hate to use public restrooms in the first place unless absolutely necessary, but if Mom has to use one, I just don't think it would be possible with only my help. We put disposable underwear on her but if she has an accident it can be pretty messy and when home would probably require a shower to clean her properly. Don't want her getting any UTI'S that can be prevented, also. Must try to keep her as clean as possible. Will be a complete nightmare if an accident that is messy, but would have to come home and change her and help her with a shower. All in all, it seems like a no win situation. She just can't go into bathroom alone. And I can't do it alone. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Just a thought

Amazon has AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat, White, 4 Inches.
You can take it and some antiseptic wipes in a bag.
It raises the seat so that it is easier to get on and more importantly off.

Also check out Ebay. I popped in inflatable  Raised Toilet Seat and loads of choices came up - much cheaper but just as effective.
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Look for places that have family bathrooms or separate handicapped bathrooms. I see these at airports and casinos, and they are becoming more common. Dad was usually pretty good at getting in, but would forget how to get out, and wanted to "clean" everything. I would wait outside with the door unlocked, and open it after a bit to see if he was OK. And if it makes you feel any better, when I was in a wheelchair my hubs would wheel me into the ladies room after a polite notice, and help me back out after. The handicapped stalls are normally pretty roomy, and most people are decent! And helpful
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Ask the staff of the shop / cafe you are in BEFORE you sit down to eat or shop. I am sure there will be at least one female that will help you.

Good luck
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