My mom got Alzheimer's 10 years ago. I paid her mortgage and medical expenses. Can I be reimbursed to have her qualify for Medicaid?


She has equity in her house and an investment property. Medicaid wants me to sell her property but what do I do with the cost I incurred caring for her? The equity in the properties would cover my cost plus some leftover to Medicaid.

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thank you so much.
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This may be a question for an Elder Law Attorney, but I believe that if you dont have records, receipts, etc. from the money you spent on Mom and she just hands you the money, Medicaid will consider that a gift. If Medicaid has told you to sell her properties, they will want the money from the sale to pay for her care, all but $1500. I’d ask the attorney if there’s any way you can recoup your expenses and still have her approved.
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